Hünengrab 842 near Hüven, Emsland (Germany)

In the area between the rivers Ems and Weser in Northwest Germany, only 30 miles across the Dutch-German border, the nextdoor neighbors of Drenthe's Funnel Beaker People lived. They also built hundreds of hunebeds or "Groszsteingräber" as the Germans call them. Even more than in Drenthe. But the number of stone-graves that dissapeared in the course of time is also greater. As in Drenthe the remains of about 50 are left, but most of them in a more neglected state. But there are exceptions. The one on the picture is one of them. A very nice hunebed indeed. The magnificent oval ring of 50 kerbstones is almost complete and very impressive. A big hunebed too; originately with eleven capstones. Only three are missing. But all 25 side- and endstone are still there.

About 50 miles further to the east, south of Oldenburg, 5 nice long-graves can be admired. One of them (Kleinenkneten I) near Wildeshausen has been beautifully restored. 

In Holland there is only one long-grave. (D43 near Emmen).