G2, Delfzijl in the AquariOm Museum
Until 1982 the hunebed-story still had one big surprise to be revealed. During the development of an industrial ground east of Delfzijl in the province of Groningen, a small hunebed was discovered 2 metre under the clay. Moreover, two years later a stone coffin was excavated. The hunebed was of a special type, an 'enlarged dolmen' as archaeologists call it. This type had never been found in Holland before. This hunebed has 3 capstones resting on 6 sidestones, but only one endstone. The entrance is on the place where other hunebeds have the second endstone.
The hunebed was reconstructed and is being exhibited in the nautical museum AquariOm in the most northern harbourtown in Holland: Delfzijl.