D43 - Emmen Schimmeres
D43 is special. It is a so called Long Grave and there is only one of this kind in Holland. About 100 km to the east near Oldenburg in Germany there are still a few more. Two small burial chambers are embedded here in a 40 metres long hunebed-barrow encircled by an almost complete ring of kerbstones (restored) . Contrary to most hunebeds D43 is orientated north - south. The most northern chamber counts 3 capstones on 6 side- and 2 endstones. From the southern chamber only 2 of the 4 capstones are left. However, both graves still have 2 passage-sidestones.  
D43 lies in Emmen only 50 metres west of the road to Odoorn. There are no parking facilities on the main road.