D41 - Emmen
D41 is not big but well preserved: 4 capstones right in place on the 8 side- and 2 endstones. Thousands of people pass this hunebed each day because it lies right along the busy road Emmen - Odoorn opposite the city development Emmermeer.
It was discovered in 1809 still under its barrow. Alas, they removed the barrow but what they found was well documented for that time. At first archeologists were puzzled because they couldn't find an entrance. Later, in 1960, the famous dutch archeologist prof. Van Giffen, discovered a small tresholdstone between the first and the second southern sidestone. So it was not an entirely closed burial chamber as he first thought after all.
On the foreground you can see a 
boulder with a bronze sign stating the number and location of the hunebed. It is the work of forementioned professor who dedicated his career to preserve and restore the hunebeds in Holland. Regrettably many of these signs disappeared in the course of time.