D26 - Drouwen
D26 lies west of the village of Drouwen, across the provincial road N34. Not so easy to find; you will need a detailed map. You 'll have to leave the car at a distance of about 500 metres from the hunebed and walk the rest. However, it is worth while the trouble. D26 is a nice medium-sized and well preserved hunebed. Two rows of 6 sidestones expect 6 capstones, but there are 5. It is not certain if one is missing. The 4 existing passage-stones show that D26 had a long entrance. Regrettably the passage-capstone is missing. However D26 possessed a nice ring of 27 kerbstones of which 13 are still there. The missing 14 have been marked by concrete imprints on the ground by archaeologist Van Giffen. Between 1968 and 1970 D26 was the subject of a thorough scientific investigation by the University of Amsterdam. And not without success. On the chamberfloor the investigators found the rests of 160 pieces of pottery. Further stone weapons, tools and amber beads. Just outside the burial chamber they found a kind of offering pit with two complete ceramic jars.