D19 and D20 near Drouwen
A pair of hunebeds again and they sure are an interesting couple! Under heavy touristic 'pressure' (there is a holiday resort on the other side of the street!), but also thoroughly researched by archaeologists in the past. And not without result. They found potsherds of 400 pots and beakers, 13 flint axes, 9 amber beads and 6 pieces of cupper. D20 (on the foreground) still has an oval shaped ring of 21 kerbstones (only 6 are missing) and a complete entrance consisting of 4 sidestones and 1 capstone. This hunebed originaly possessed 6 capstones. There are still 5 of them. During a recent restauration most of them could be lifted on their uprights again. D19 is the biggest of the two. It used to be a 8 capstones hunebed but 1 is missing.  2 are fragmented and 5 could be restored and are resting on their sidestones again. D19 also has a long and complete passage: 4 sidestones and one capstone.