D16, Balloo near Rolde

D16 is a real nice hunebed and with 9 capstones quit big. All side- and endstones are present and so are the 2 passage sidestones and their capstone. Maybe the 2 boulders near the grave are the remains of a ring of kerbstones. In 1987 archaeologist Van Giffen replaced all 9 capstones on their uprights again. D16 lies just north of the small but beautiful nature reserve Kampsheide. Here you can find many tumuli, barrows from the iron- and bronze age. In the west it borders on the Drentse A, one of the many meandering brooks in Drenthe. D16 lies on a dirt road, not far from the paved road between Loon and Balloo. There are no parking facilities. 

What are these strange round carvings on the 6th capstone of D16?. Nobody knew, until a Danish archeologist, dr. Peterson, recognized them in 1987 as 'cupmarks' as he called them. On Danish dolmens he found similar marks before. However, it remains a mystery when and why these engravings were made. They are not natural, that's for sure. Dolmens and riddles have the same forename... :-)