D46 and D47 in Emmen
I combined D46 and D47 because these two hunebeds have been fully absorbed by the city development of the suburb Angelslo in the town of Emmen. As you can see the hunebed D46 is situated on a public garden surrounded by the dwelling-houses of Angelslo. This hunebed used to be a ruin. In 1960 the grave has been restored: now all 4 capstones rest nicely on the 10 sidestones. Nowadays this hunebed is rather a recreational instrument on a public playground  than an archaeologic monument.  

For the hunebed D47 a small ground has been preserved between the flats. D47 counts 10 sidestones and 2 endstones, but these have almost disappeared under the sand. That's why the capstones seem to lie on the ground. Until July 1997 D47 only had 3 capstones. The missing two however were replaced by two stones from elsewhere, so the monument looks complete again. An unusual action but for a good reason. The monument suffered from severe vandalism so badly that the authorities seriously considered to bury the monument under the sand again. However, they decided bravely for the "counter attack": a complete renovation and weekly surveillance. And as you can see with success!

N.B. D48 is a huge stone in Zuid Barge near Emmen, but not the biggest capstone of an underlying hunebed as Prof. Van Giffen erroneously thought.