D1, Steenbergen (near Roden)

The numbering of the hunebeds (D1, D2, etc.) was made by the late professor Van Giffen, an archaeologist of the Groningen University, who dedicated his career to make a comprehensive survey of all prehistoric monuments in the northern part of the country. The "D" stands for Drenthe and he numbered the hunebeds from north to south. The most northern, D1, is of medium size and situated near the village of Roden. It lies in an attractive scenery, on the slope of a small sand hill. It is pretty complete: all 6 capstones and 14 side- and endstones are present. Even the entrance with 4 passage sidestones and one capstone is complete.  
At the time of the survey in 1918, D1 was a ruin. All capstones were fallen off and one capstone was broken into 5 pieces. Van Giffen cemented them together, erected tumbled sidestones and lifted the capstones onto their original position again. In March 1997 D1 was severely damaged by arson. The second capstone was split into pieces by the fire. At first sight the damage seemed to be unrepairable but after an investigation by experts an attempt to glue the parts together again was successful.